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The Metaverse is generally viewed as a separate world of its own. Metavibes mission is to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and the real world bybringing real-life utility into the Metaverse. We envision a Metaverse system with the capacity to serve a series of diverse functions, including; soccer viewing solutions, conferences and events, art galleries, etc.
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Metavibes gives you the power of the Metaverse at your fingertips. Our project is created to harness Metaverse utility beyond games and random abstract constructs. We are bringing a scalable solution to event organizations and conference planners, increasing their profit margins and outreach capabilities. Our solution also provides a safer and more realistic solution to end-users.
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The MetaVibes platform is optimized to provide the highest possible quality of VR streaming to VR headsets. Our mission is to securely distribute live VR experiences that scale to hundreds, thousands or even millions of viewers. MetaVibes is designed to be easily integrated into existing media production and content delivery workflows.

Features of Metaverse
Innovative technology and scientific developments are constantly opening up new opportunities for us, allowing us to be creative in creating new dynamic forms of business and transforming existing ones. Perhaps today we are at the epicentre of such changes, driven forward by Virtual Reality (VR) technologies and Metaverse.
VR technologies do not just influence the development of a particular industry or research area. They are able to affect all aspects of society - from live concerts to space flights. Our possibilities will become truly limitless if we can focus on key issues and are not afraid to put into practice new ideas and approaches.
Are you ready to attend your favourite events all around the world in real time without leaving your home? Experience of ‘being there’ expands the narrative around the events that punctuate our lives. Just imagine being part of a training session before running out onto the pitch with your favourite player.
Welcome to the future of art, a place where galleries are able to connect with international audiences in real time, where exhibitions are open around the clock, and where geographical constraints are no longer relevant.
Earn VIBES Tokens
You can buy, sell your MVS (Meta VibesSpot)
You can build an event hall and earn tokens by selling tickets to your events. Present unforgettable experience and earn.
Welcome to the future events, 360 VR Live broadcasts is one of the main directions of MetaVibes development. The most
interesting events, can be "seen" being anywhere .
Meet Our Team
Lets build the future together
Rovshan Suleymanov

Founder of Centex Crypto Platform

Crypto Investor

Crypto Adviser

Founder of BlockChainWave Conference

Founder of AlpTurk exchange

Aleksei Nasybullin
Bizdev & CMO

PhD in sociology

Blockchain Wave conference organizer

Ambassador of AlpTurk exchange

Marketer of Rubin FC (2006-2013)


Fuad Nasir

PhD in Technical Sciences (in the field of video image processing)

Blockchain Enthusiast

Successful manager of process, & technology.

Elkhan Alakbarov

Imperial College London Master of Science (MSc)

Finance More than 20 years in Financial Management

Our Advisors
Lets Rock
Janis Freivalds
CEO Lifetech SIA
Event Organizer
PhD RSU Latvian University
Blockchain Enthusiast

Lana Parshina
Screenwriter, producer.
Graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts Institute (USA, New York), films “The Singer Who Fell” (Cannes Film Festival 2016), “The Last Mystery of Hitler’s Death” (France-2, 2018) and others, co-author of the bestselling books “The Riddle Hitler's Death" (published in 38 countries) and "The Secret of Stalin's Family. Confession of the last of Dzhugashvili "(2021)
Andrey Insarov
CEO at Intis Telecom
Intis Telecom an international technology company, an SMS provider, a developer of SMS messaging services, developer and provider of its URL shortening service, a member of the International Association of Mobile Operators GSMA, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and RIPE.
Nuran Aliev
Successful manager of many blockchain Projects
MSc In Technology
Blockchain Enthusiast
Crypto Trader
Ruslan Hajiev
CEO ant GIG Contraction
Successful project Manager
PhD in Architecture, Design and Virtualization
Blockchain Enthusiast

Good Meta Vibes Only
MetaVibes Roadmap
Q1 2022
Concept development
Project whitepaper
Expand the team & onboard advisors
Q2 2022
Project management ofce set up
Metavibes concept within Metaverse
Testing 360 live VR MVP
Legal structure set-up
Q3 2022
Launchpads & exchange listings
Q4 2022
MetaVibes Metaverse Beta
Metavibes Platform Testing
First Event at MetaVibes Platform
Q1 2023
MetaVibes spots marketplace
Hold an event &
earn concept integration
NFT, Land, Virtual property sale
Q2 2023
Mobile wallets integration
NFT avatar project
Q3 2023
Global ticketing system
Development of community incentives
Q3 2023
Global Meton NFT marketplace
Voice & text chat functionality

World's First 3D Advertisement Platform
Forge new Partnership
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7-10 March 2022

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